Reclaimed Clay Pavers

Reclaimed Granite Cobbles & Reclaimed Clay Pavers

Lurvey Supply partners with companies that specialize in procuring and reclaiming granite cobbles and clay pavers from city streets and railyards throughout the country. Reclaimed products can vary extremely from lot to lot. Our focus is on finding, bringing together, and offering the best, cleanest, most consistent options available in the market.

Tell the Story!

Reclaimed Granite Cobbles – These cobblestones were handmade in the 1700’s and 1800’s with a hammer, chisel, and wedge. Though most were made in Red Granite or Amberg quarries in northern Wisconsin, some once served as ballast in ships (either sailing ships from Europe, or river barges). From there, they were used to pave many of America’s newly established urban streets. They started out with a rough surface, but that was worn smooth by horse and buggy running over the top of them.

Reclaimed Clay Pavers – Clay pavers brought the end of mud, the end of dust, and the start of mobility, culture, and civilization to many small prairie towns. They “paved the way” for automobiles. There were literally thousands of brick companies that sprang up in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Consequently millions of bricks were made to pave thousands upon thousands of miles of streets throughout the United States.

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