Jointing Sands and Chips

Jointing Sands are designed for a wide variety of uses from commercial paver applications to projects done at your own home. Professional grade jointing sand is dried and screened to provide a product ideally suited for the specialized requirements of paver joint filling.

Polymeric Jointing Sands are a unique mixture of polymer binders and sand, available in multiple colors. Polymeric Sands reduce weed sprouting, damage caused by insects, and helps prevent water erosion. Polymeric Jointing Sand has the ability to expand and condense; this elasticity ensures that the paver joints avoid cracking and are properly filled at all times. Different polymeric jointing sands are available for different size joints and applications.

Aggregate Chips and Crushed Gravels are used for numerous applications such as decorative pathways, larger joints, and permeable areas.

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