Indoor Containers

Similar to our outdoor containers, we have a wide variety of indoor containers available in a number of sizes, colors, and textures. You will find pieces crafted from metal, glazed and unglazed ceramic, plastic, terra cotta, with styles ranging from modern clean lines to moss-patinaed classic urns and anywhere in between.  

Lurvey is sure to have the container that you are looking for.

Botanical Collections - A collection of elegant hand-thrown pottery that blends shape, texture, color, and beauty into one. These designs will enhance both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Campo de’ Fiori - Campo de’ Fiori literally means ‘Field of Flowers’ and their combination of flowers and elegance of classical Rome combine to inspire their pottery. Created from all-natural materials and crafted by hand, all of their pieces feature their trademark moss which requires patience to age - in the creation, in the finishing, and in the greenhouse. 

Bergs Potter - A generations-old company, Bergs Potter has been involved with flowers and pottery for over 75 years. Featuring classically simple shapes and details, these pieces are created by stamping and hand-cutting instead of being turned on a wheel, delivering a truly unique style of ceramic pottery.

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