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Containers are available in every size, color, and texture. From traditional and modern glazed ceramic pottery to metal planter boxes and self-watering containers, we have containers for every application.  For a more natural look, containers are also available in moss-covered baskets, wood boxes, fiberglass, terra cotta, and even concrete.  

Our Des Plaines location offers one of the largest selections of containers, pottery, and planters for every application, from the home garden to the largest commercial project.

Michael Carr - Unique handmade garden pottery featuring a broad assortment of styles and colors including a great line of self-watering containers, Aquapots. The combination of true craftsmanship and old world kilns create a one of a kind look on each piece of pottery. With over 2000 different styles they are sure to have a piece that fits your space.

Pacific Home & Garden - Beautifully inspired by French aesthetics, coastal living, and the tropical rainforest, their line of glazed earthenware offers a varied color palette in an assortment of shapes that follow market trends and traditions. New pieces are constantly being created, ensuring that their collections stay fresh and current.

Continental Pottery - A family-owned and operated business that has been manufacturing, sourcing, and distributing outdoor decorative accessories including pottery, fountains, accessories, and more for over 50 years.  

Ceramo - Produced from raw Missouri clay since the end of World War II, Ceramo has been on the flower pot business for some time. Their carefully curated selection of clay and cast iron pottery is sourced from all around the world.

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