During these unique times, we want you to know that we're still here to help you, for as long as we are able, to enjoy your indoor and outdoor spaces. Utilize phone and email to ask questions, get what you need with curbside pickup, and find the information you're looking for from an abundance of resources on our website. Let us help you to keep your garden moving forward this spring.


Hey Lurvey friends and family, thanks for joining us for another video. My name's Kate and I'm the sales manager here at the Garden Center in Des Plaines, talking to you from our conservatory.

I just wanted to address everything that's going on in the world right now to let you know that we want to continue to be here for you so long as we can be to continue making it easier for you to enjoy your indoors and outdoor space. And there's going to be some restrictions for sure. There already are as far as events, which we're having minimal events and having smaller numbers when we do have them and I've had to cancel some. But there are still some other things I think we can do with you to help celebrate spring and bring some life into your indoors. 

So with the conservatory plants, you can see we've got all kinds of plants that would make a perfect addition to your home. Like I said, bringing some life inside, I think, is something we all could use a little bit of right now. [We have] all kinds of unique plants, large and small, flowering things, just some greenery as well. Whether it's a new hobby for you or one that you want to reinvigorate, we've got all kinds of things for that. 

Another option would be a terrarium. So if you've never made a terrarium, we do sometimes have classes about those. Right now, though, we have information on our resources page of the website that you can learn more about terrarium making there.

We, of course, have staff here. You can call in or you can always email us and we can answer your questions that way. We want to do some different things where you can call or email and orders and we can do curbside pickup. Delivery is always an option as well. So cute little terrarium kits, things like that. As you can see, we do have kind of a nice big open space here too so hopefully you can feel a little bit more comfortable if you do venture out, which it is nice to get some fresh air. 

Everything for the holidays, of course, some very cute gnomes. My personal favorite. We've got all of our seeds here. So from vegetables and herbs, organic and some that are not organic, and flowers as well. Perennials and annual flowers, if you are a planter or again, if you need more information on starting seeds indoors or how to plant a vegetable garden, we have all that information and resources for you, either online, on our blogs, on the resources page, or we definitely have staff who can answer your questions. So a lot that I think we can help you with remotely because I think that's what we're looking at for a little bit, right? 

We've also got everything you need for indoor growing, indoor seed starting growing house plants inside. If you don't have a lot of light we actually got these really cool [LED plant lights]  this year. And again, if you see something that you like, maybe even in this video and you want to know more about it, how much of it, can we deliver it? Yes. Can we offer any other creative solutions for you to be able to continue to enjoy your space inside, outside, help you to find a little piece in a sanctuary of your very own creation? That's really what we want to do. That's why we come in every day, is because we want to make it easier for you to do that. If you have any ideas about how we can continue to make that easy for you to do, we want to hear from you, so please email us. 

Reach out to us on social media and would be happy to hear your suggestions and see what we can do to help get through this kind of trying time that we're all dealing with right now. Hopefully, we will, like I said earlier, be able to celebrate spring with you in the very near future. I got to end with one more spot, actually so keep going this way because I know I need this right now and you probably do too, just the little color! If you need this in your living space right now, a little sunshine in the form of silk flowers, that's what this is. Not real flowers, I wish - you can have these all the time. And we have them here right now, everyone needs a little color in their life right now, especially on a grey day like this, but you may be watching this in the future, so come and visit us!

Call us. Email us. Let us know how we can help you and how we can get through this next, hopefully just a few weeks, together.