Now that Spring is finally in full bloom, we wanted to share some of our favorite spring flowers and shrubs.  All of these options will bring the color and life to your outdoor space that will make it a joy for you and your neighbors.

Nothing makes us think of spring like Lilacs and now there is a Lilac that will re-bloom later in the season as well as in spring.  Bloomerang is compact with purple panicles in spring, and then again in summer and fall! It’s just as easy-care as we know lilacs to be, so long as it’s grown in full sun and average, well-draining garden soil.  The panicles  of Bloomerang also make great cut flower arrangements.

Here are a few trees and flowering shrubs that provide color in spring or all season long.

Spring is the time best known for a wide variety of blooming shrubs including Judd Viburnum.  It is a favorite that provides enticingly fragrant pinkish-white blossoms in May.  It’s a great choice by the doorway or patio where everyone will enjoy its scent.

Also on stage in May are Azaleas and Rhododendrons, with their electric pink and purple color, and Kerria, with almost lime green foliage and bright yellow flowers is shade loving.  You definitely will not want to forget Weigela with its dark pink blossoms and, in some varieties, dark red foliage that adds dramatic color in the garden all season long.

As for trees, the best known and loved for spring blossoms in our area is the Crabapple, with its many varieties of size and bloom color.  Other spring blooming trees can include Magnolia, Serviceberry and Dogwood, all of which add color to the landscape as the season begins.

As spring blends into summer, we cannot forget the roses that provide so many sizes, types, color and fragrance options.  Remember that foliage can add color too. We’ve given several suggestions about shrubs that provide color through foliage. Grasses can too. Consider Hakonechloa Grass, which is lime green, or Japanese Blood Grass, which is red and green.

Any of these choice will be sure to make your outdoor space a hit this spring and summer!  You can find all of these plants we’ve discussed here today at Lurvey!  We hope you’ll come by the Garden Center soon and let one our friendly associates work with you to determine what options will best work with your outdoor space.  Come see us today!