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After a lot of discussions, a group of second-grade students from Round Lake Beach Elementary decided that they wanted to make their school more beautiful. It was an idea they came with during an enrichment class project which tasked them with coming up with a problem they wanted to solve. The class walked the school with their teacher looking for areas to improve and researched what those improvements might cost. The students reached out to local landscaping companies asking to have rocks donated that they would paint and place around the school.  

Lurvey was one of the companies that received the student’s request and we were happy to donate rocks for their project! Our Director of Sales & Business Development, Dwayne Ulrichs, brought the rocks to the school and had a chance to meet with the students. He was blown away by the student’s gratitude, but also saw a greater need and felt compelled to do more.

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Committed to taking the kid’s plan to the next level, Lurvey partnered with O’Brien Landscape to make that plan a reality. The school district assisted by removing the old jungle gym which was then transformed into an outdoor learning space filled with boulders for the students to sit on. Elsewhere on the playground, walkways were repaired as well as enhanced, and several trees and ornamentals were installed. Lurvey was happy to donate the boulders, pavers, plant material, and mulch but reached out to O’Brien Landscape to see if they would donate the labor needed to complete the project.

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The combination of over $6,000 worth of materials donated by Lurvey and 100+ hours of labor donated by O’Brien Landscape brought the student’s plan to life.  This project was a great collaboration between the students, Lurvey, and O’Brien Landscape. We’re grateful to have been given the opportunity to participate in this project and can’t wait to work on the next phase in the future.

Photos courtesy of The Daily Herald and Round Lake School District 116.