Lurvey Home & Garden - Protecting Your Evergreens with Wilt Stop. Cold temperatures and harsh winter winds can strip the moisture from your evergreen plants. Scott shares a great product called Wilt Stop that helps your broadleaf evergreens retain their moisture throughout the winter months and some of the plants that can really use the extra protection this fall.


Hi everyone, I'm Scott Goczkowski here at our Lurvey Des Plaines location and today, as we move into the next season temperatures are cooling down. We wanted to talk to you about Wilt Stop, which is an antidessicant for evergreens. But specifically, we want to talk about some broadleaf evergreens. We've sold quite a few broadleaf evergreens this season and we were just going to take you on a little tour and point some of those out to you. The Wilt Stop comes in a ready to use spray or it also comes in a concentrate for larger applications that you would dilute with water.

So standing here in the yard we're near the azaleas, cascades, several cultivars that we sell. But this would be a good plant to spray in the fall to help hold the moisture in the foliage, these are lower to the ground so the wind doesn't affect them as much but something that the wind could affect is rhododendron. And you'll notice rhododendron has a larger leaf so those winter winds could tend to dry that foliage out, [it] also prevents sunburn on the foliage of the plant.

As we move through, another common plant that I would suggest spraying is holly, a couple of different cultivars here and again, that just helps you hold the moisture in the foliage. If we don't get a lot of snow cover, if we're lacking moisture in the winter, this will help protect those plants.

I want to take you over to another part of the yard, to a plant that we sell thousands of. We haven't quite made it to the block that I want to get us to but we ran across our royal family, holly, blue prince, and blue princess in the same pot, this would be another plant that definitely would be helped by spraying it with Wilt Stop. You'll notice the foliage is fairly large and you just want to make sure you hold that moisture in for the winter months.

So now we're going to make it to the other block. We've moved into the block that I wanted to take you to. This plant probably looks very familiar to a lot of people as you see it in many, many landscapes. We're standing here amongst the boxwood, this variety, in particular, is green velvet. This would definitely benefit from being sprayed now in the Fall to protect it from the winter winds.

And while you're doing this, the other great thing you can use Wilt Stop for is if you're going to make up winter containers for the holiday season, it would truly help those cut evergreens if you would spray those once you build your container and it'll just help you hold that moisture in and get you those containers to last into early winter.

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