Outcropping stone is a generic term for big, irregular chunks of natural stone. These stones can be used for adding statement stones to any landscape at an affordable price. The most common type of outcropping stone is Eden outcropping. It’s locally sourced and is sorted right at the quarry into two height groups, 6-10 and 8-12 inches, as well as four basic size groups.

Two-to-Three Man

Simply put, this size of outcropping is sorted to a size that two or three men should be able to lift, carry, and place where it needs to go. It’s a very manageable size and is also the smallest size of Eden outcropping that we currently stock at Lurvey.


The next size up of Eden outcropping is called bobcat. These pieces would be longer than two-to-three man but still not very deep. They’re called ‘Bobcat’ size as they would almost perfectly fit into a Bobcat bucket.

Pallet Size

Again, as the name illustrates, this size of each piece is roughly the size of a normal pallet. Pallet size outcropping is great for constructing walls or as specimen pieces in your landscape.

Outcropping for Steps

We also stock a special kind of Eden outcropping specifically sorted for building steps. Stones in this group are 6-8 inches thick and are sorted for flatness of the top and bottom of the piece.  The smooth top and bottom of the pieces, as well as the consistent thickness, aides in the construction of natural stone stairs.

At Lurvey, we stock a variety of sizes of Eden outcropping stone to help you complete your project, large or small. Outcropping stone can add a different texture or layer to any outdoor living space, in an affordable way. We’re happy to help you find everything you need to create your outdoor living space, and Eden outcropping is no exception.

Image provided by Eden Stone Company, Eden, WI