Spring is here! That means you can shop for new seasonal features that allow you to spend more time outside in your lovely outdoor living space. The addition of a unique fountain or other water feature can make your landscape feel more homey and dynamic. The sounds and sights of water are soothing and can make any outdoor living space feel like an oasis. We stock several different kinds of fountains and water features at Lurvey, here are just a few you can choose from.

Above Ground

A tall above ground fountain will definitely make a statement. These lovely options can range from stone to cast concrete, and can be minimalist in style or have beautiful details - it all depends on what you’re looking for!

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Wall fountains, exactly as they sound, are made to stand up against a wall. These feature a singular movement that can blend in with the decor you already have. Similar to other above- ground fountains, we stock wall fountains in a variety of styles, some more modern and some more traditional. It all comes down to your taste and the vision you have for your space. 

One of a Kind

Beyond above ground and wall fountains, there are many other types of fountains that can’t be put into a specific category because they are too unique! Some of our favorites are the jug fountain, made up of large clay jugs that “pour” water into each other and the boulder fountains, made of boulders with holes drilled in them allowing the water to flow through. 

We know that handling a bulky, oftentimes awkward water feature can be difficult. Some of our suppliers, like Henri, offer services where they deliver your newly purchased fountain and install them for you at a very reasonable price. This is just another way that Lurvey supplies the More you’re looking for. You can’t go wrong when you shop for water features at Lurvey Home and Garden!