It’s time to start getting ready for spring, and the first project that may need attention is your lawn. Paying special attention to the health of your soil will help your lawn during this critical time before spring begins than anything else you can do later in the season. If your soil is healthy, then your lawn will be too.

Apply Fertilizer

Before using fertilizer, make sure the ground is not too cold and the soil is the right temperature. In order to be effective, most fertilizers need to be applied when the soil temperature is above 55 degrees. Also, during this period, it's very important not to walk on the lawn any more than absolutely necessary. Footsteps on wet, stressed turf only causes compaction and make recovery that much harder.

Weed Control Options

There are many types of fertilizer. Some come with weed control and some do not. There are always options when it comes the time to apply. Applying a fertilizer with weed control to your entire lawn is the conventional method. An alternative option is to apply organic fertilizer instead. Then spot treat with pre-emergent herbicide only those areas that you know will produce crabgrass and other weeds (based on last season).

Consider Overseeding

When you’ve finished applying fertilizer, wait for results before considering overseeding. Overseeding is done to thicken up a thin lawn. If you have used any type of weed control, wait a few weeks before overseeding, as the weed control keeps the grass seed from germinating. Then follow up with maintenance practices that will support the root growth of your lawn: mow high, use a sharp blade, and water when necessary throughout the season.

Start off the season by choosing the right products that are important for the health of your lawn. Lurvey has a wide selection and experts on hand to help you. Come on in!