Gardeners that live in urban areas or in smaller spaces have limited room to exercise their green thumb. A great solution is to build a rooftop garden. In environments with limited space, every square inch is wasted unless it’s being used. A garden or outdoor living space on the roof is a great way to make use of scarce surface area. Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering a rooftop garden. 

Know Before You Grow

Before you start any work on your rooftop garden, make sure to check local ordinances, property rules, or homeowner association rules that may apply to your space. Gardens on the roof may be prohibited on your property, or there may be special rules or conditions for the kinds of structures or materials you want to use. 

Also, make sure to consult an architect or contractor to make sure your roof is fit to hold the type of products and materials you envision. You don’t have to employ a professional during the entire building process, but it’s important to have them check out the stability of the structure at the beginning. Safety is the priority, so it’s important to be certain that your roof is suitable for the kind of garden you want. 

Lighten Up

Even after your contractor or architect gives you the go-ahead to build your rooftop garden, it’s important to keep it light up there. Using lightweight potting soil mixes instead of traditional garden soil. Using plastic, fiberglass, or foam planters can also cut down on the weight of your garden while still being mindful of windy conditions.  

Water It Up

One of the most important considerations in any garden is water, but rooftop gardens present a special circumstance in that area. Because of its closer proximity to the sun, a rooftop garden will need to be watered often. Trudging up to the roof with buckets of water every day isn’t practical or appealing. Consider adding a water storage system or installing an automatic watering system. These will save you a headache, and backache, later. 

A rooftop garden is a great way to utilize every inch of a limited space, and also adds a unique landscape look to your property. Lurvey Home and Garden Center stocks all the products you need to create your ideal rooftop garden.