Your landscape plants are dormant this time of year, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be too. There are numerous things that you can do to get ready for the next gardening season. It’s always nice to get a headstart on your next project, and now is the time to start planning what you want your garden to look like come spring. Here are some things to think about now so that you can enjoy your outdoor space later.


This is the time to ask yourself what you like about your garden and if there are things you would like to add or change. Winter gives you a lot of time to think about your garden and come up with new ways to revitalize your outdoor oasis. Be creative, come up with new ideas, and be sure to make a list so you don’t forget all of your refreshing designs.


If you are going to tackle this yourself, once you’ve thought up your best ideas, pare down your list to one or two projects. You don’t want to start too many things at once. If you prefer to leave this to the professionals, it’s a great time of year to seek assistance. Define your questions and project goals. 


When you’ve decided what projects are important to you, ask yourself, “What do I need to do to make this happen?” For example, if you want to make another raised bed for your edible garden, now is the time to buy the supplies and even construct the frame so that you are ready to plant by late April or early May. 

Spring is approaching faster than you would think. Now is the time to start preparing for the coming season. You can come up with a new idea or design and start putting it into action right now, and we can help. 

Are you looking for design help or product selection? Not sure what plants you want or should use? Give us a call or stop by and we will help bring your ideas to life!