As we continue to focus on planning for your spring garden, today we are going to talk about “Going Green” and all that can mean for your outside space.  As we discuss these tips today, think about how you can implement them into your garden plan, and always remember that all us us here at Lurvey welcome the opportunity to help you in your efforts.

Gardening for sustainability will ease your work as the season progresses, because sustainable practices in the garden mean less maintenance - less watering, less pesticide treatment, less overall care for exotics not adapted to our climate, fewer problems in the landscape.

As you continue to plan for spring, try to work these “green” strategies into your own:

Organic soil amendments - use natural products rather than synthetic chemicals to provide added nutrients to the soil.

Organic fertilizer for plants and lawns -  use natural products rather than synthetic chemicals to provide nutrients to vegetable plants, flowers and lawns.

Organic pest, disease and weed control products - use natural products rather than chemicals to deter or kill pests, control weeds and treat fungal disease in plants.

Water conservation supplies - give you options for collecting and reusing rain water or being more frugal in the use of tap water in the garden.

Drainage supplies - provide a wide range of options for managing excess water on your property.

LED lighting - conserves energy while providing excellent outdoor lighting options.

Roof garden construction supplies and plants - for adding roof gardens to homes, sheds, and other structures.

Microclover turf and salt toleratnt sod - for easy care low maintenance lawn options.

Sustainable pavers and paver installation systems - including pavers that are made of reclaimed or recycled materials, or are permeable to aid in proper drainage on site.

Easy-care plants - including plants that are tolerant of very wet or very dry conditions, plants for gardens that will attract butterflies or hummingbirds, plants that do well in harsh urban conditions, and more.

At Lurvey we are committed to helping you find and use "green" products. The best way to include them is with proper planning during the winter months.  Stop by one of our locations and ask one of our friendly associates for help with your “green” garden project his year.  We will have a solution that will make your outdoor space come alive and be sustainable!  You can also take a look at our online “Plant Search” feature to get a jumpstart right now!  As always, we’ll see you “Around the Garden Center”!