We’ve had an unusually late arriving spring this year.  This can mean plants seem to be emerging on time, but others seem not to be growing. What’s going on? Many factors work together in nature to "turn on the switch" in the spring. Here’s a summary of the main contributors:

Temperature: Air temperature contributes to soil temperature, and both count! We all know that if it’s freezing, new plant growth will be damaged. But soil temperature is really the trigger that causes plants to start growing. Each plant has its own soil temperature trigger. That’s why, in cold spring weather, some plants emerge sooner than others.

Moisture: Plants need moisture to grow, but too much can mean a delay in the gardener being able to get out and work the soil - and plant new seeds. Of course, this inevitably delays growth. But even if you plant the seeds, cooler than average soil temperature can delay their sprouting.

Sunshine: We had very little measureable sunshine in April. That may not matter to you, but it sure did to the growers who were growing annuals for you to buy in May! With little sunshine, plants grow a lot slower.

Day length: Related to sunshine, of course, is day length. Some plants are significantly affected to bud by the number of hours of light. That’s why some plants begin to break bud even in cold spring weather, and others do not.

While these factors may have caused a delay in your garden springing to life, spring is here and summer won’t be far behind.  This is one of our favorite times of the year here at Lurvey, as everyone is working in their outdoor spaces and "Coming Alive Outside"!  Stop by one of our 5 locations and let any one of our friendly associates help you with your garden or outdoor space needs.  We look forward to meeting you!