Creating a plant container that will provide a pop of color and refresh any landscape is a simpler and faster project than you may think. It takes only three components to create a container that will make your outdoor living space the talk of the block. 


A thriller is the main attraction for your arrangement, the eye-catching flower or captivating plant that brings your container to life. Make sure to pick a colorful thriller that compliments your spiller and filler, but remember that the thriller is what will set your container apart, so have fun with it!


A filler is a less eye-catching, more dense plant that fills the empty spaces in your arrangement and adds texture and depth to your container. Too much filler can take away from the more colorful parts of your arrangement and too little filler can leave too much empty space in the container, so make sure to play around with it to find what’s right for your container and your design.


A spiller is a plant that spills over the side of the container and often touches the ground. This component enhances the natural look of the arrangement, fills out the container, and makes the container look more “rooted” to the ground where it sits. A spiller makes it look like you’ve put a lot of time and effort into growing a luscious plant that cannot be tamed, without actually putting in that kind of time and effort. 

If you’re having trouble developing a container that fits your vision on your own, Lurvey provides custom containers that you can build alongside a professional. You can build a custom arrangement with your choice of container, plants, color palette, and even garden art with the help of one of our designers. Start designing and building a container that will redefine and refresh your landscape today!