One of the most important factors in designing your outdoor space is choosing paving stones.  There is a lot that can go into that decision.  Which brand do you want?  Is there a particular texture or type of stone that is ideal for you?  What should the layout be?  Although you may not realize it at first, not all paving stones and landscape walls are created equal. Some lack the structural integrity needed to last beyond a few decades. When you consider the time and investment it takes to build a quality outdoor space, you want the best quality in paving stones!

Lurvey’s selection, quality, and availability of paving stones is unsurpassed. Lurvey Landscape Supply is the premier supplier for quality Paving Stones and Retaining Walls. Lurvey is the largest Unilock® distributor in North America, offering the widest variety of products from the nation’s premier paving stone and retaining wall manufacturers. We are also a proud distributor of Belgard & NorthfieldRosettaRochester, and County Materials pavers.  In addition to that we offer a variety of Clay pavers and Reclaimed pavers!  

Luvey Landscape Supply’s professional staff is committed to providing the solutions you need to assist with your toughest landscaping challenges. We also have a great environment in 10 to showcase the different styles and layout options.  So come see us at Lurvey’s today and let us help you with your paver decision and embrace your space!