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It’s always nice to hear that our customers value us as much as we value them! We were excited to work with Paula Dolubizno, along with her husband Josh and their son Henry, to bring their front yard to life. They took advantage of a few of our favorite offerings, including our one-on-one design consultations to make sure their exterior design fits both of their individual needs and tastes, as well as a 10% off their purchases for their project.

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They also signed up for our Lurvey Garden Club, which allows you to rack up points on every purchase that in turn helps you to get a discount on your next purchase. Offers like these help keep the costs of larger projects, like Paula and Josh’s exterior makeover, so much more manageable. At Lurvey, we strive every day to be the More you’re looking for. We are proud of the end result, but we are more pleased with how happy Paula, Josh, and Henry seem to be with their new front yard! 

Paula Dolubizno is a local influencer and blogger, and we are grateful to have collaborated with her to make her home’s exterior into a beautiful outdoor living space. You can read about Paula’s experience with us in her own words here.