Did you think to yourself this summer that a tree or two would be a nice, shady addition to your outdoor living space? Fall is the perfect time to add a tree to your landscape. Here are some points to consider when deciding if a tree is right for your space.

Good for You and the Environment

Shade trees offer a canopy to give you a break from the heat, and add appeal and value to your yard. They also provide food and shelter for birds and beneficial insects. It can also, add to the value of your home. The green of a tree’s leaves also tells you that it is photosynthesizing carbon dioxide into oxygen that we breathe, which is obviously beneficial to you as well as your environment. 

Selecting the Right Tree

The right tree for you is based specifically on your needs and taste. You’ll want to keep in mind what it will look like in the beginning when you plant it, as well as what it will look like as it grows. Different trees have different growth patterns, they can be oval, spreading, open, or irregular. Selecting the right tree for your space and taste can be difficult, so make sure to do your research before you select a tree to plant in your outdoor living space. 

Picking Your Spot

Choosing the right place to put your tree is one of the most important considerations when planting a tree. Will your space accommodate the size tree you want, or vice versa? Do you have other trees in your yard, and, if so, will the new tree be growing underneath bigger trees? Some trees, called understory trees, are well suited for this type of location and others are not. Also consider physical barriers like utility wires. They may look to be way higher than your tree, but you need to consider how tall your tree will grow. 

Trees are a great accent in any outdoor living space. They provide shade, value, and beneficial aspects to your environment. Selecting the right tree for your space and in accordance to your taste is important, and at Lurvey Home and Garden Center, we have experts available to help you choose the right tree for you.