You may know and love Lurvey Home & Garden Center, but most don’t know that we house a store within our store: Proven Winners Park. We are proud to stock plants from Proven Winners, where they choose from the best of the best in order to bring you a beautiful garden. Here are some of the Proven Winners selections of various plants you’ll find this season.

Supertunia Bordeaux

2018 Annual of the Year: Supertunia Bordeaux

This beautiful Supertunia’s bright color and large blooms will no doubt add a refreshing pop of color to your garden or outdoor living space. Proven Winners seeks to choose and provide the very best in each category to make sure that your garden is the most beautiful it can be.

Spilled Wine Weigela

2018 Landscape Plant of the Year: Spilled Wine Weigela

This blooming shrub boasts dark red wine colored foliage all season long, and grows lots of vibrant pink flowers in spring. It also attracts butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinators to your garden. The Spilled Wine Weigela lives best in most soil types, in large containers and landscape beds, and in a sunny place in your space.

Going Bananas


Proven Winners always has great recommendations, and perennials are no exception. This year they are recommending these 8 perennials that are the “easiest to grow and care for”: 

‘Banana Cream’ Leucanthemum superbum

‘Cheyenne Sky’ Panicum virgatum
‘Going Bananas’ Hemerocallis hybrid (Daylily - image shown)

‘Maestro’ Sedum ‘Hocus Pocus’ Veronica
Cranberry Crush’ Hibiscus
‘Tuscan Sun’ Heliopsis
'Wheee!' Hosta

Plant Recipes

Proven Winners also offers new and exclusive plant recipes to provide you with the most beautiful, functional plants possible. And there are always new plants and varieties on the rise, so it’s good to keep checking back and stay informed and updated.

At Lurvey Home & Garden Center, we want to offer you the best selection possible. One of the ways we do that is by stocking Proven Winners products within our store. Proven Winners look into the proven best in each category and provide numerous options to make your garden look its best. Visit Proven Winners Park or shop our selection of Proven Winners merchandise here.