A winter container with fresh greens is a great antidote to winter weather. Here are some steps to help you create your own festive winter container.

1. Select a container and fill with topsoil or sand.  This will give it weight and keep your container from blowing over on windy day and your design intact. 

2. If the soil is already frozen in your container, don’t be discouraged. Lay a branch, horizontally, on top of the soil. Continue to lay branches by tucking or weaving the ends of the stems under each other. Keep going until your container is full and there is at least 6" of an evergreen grid. Now you can insert upright accents that will stay secure.

3. Use a variety of cut greens including Spruce, Juniper, Pine, and Fir. These fresh greens add texture, depth, and interest to the design. Blue Spruce branches can also add a great touch of color.

4. Bare branches are also a great addition to any winter container. Red Twig Dogwood branches can provide holiday color to your winter container. Birch logs give a woodsy, textured look. Curly Willow is artistic.  There are so many options for interesting and colorful bare branches.

5. Add seeds for a unique touch. Pinecones are the first seed containers to use, of course, but they are not the only possibility. Experiment with ribbons, seeds, Lotus pods, berries, and more until you get just the right look for your container. Make it your own!

Winter doesn’t mean that gardening has to stop. A winter container is a great way to lighten up your outdoor living space this season. Stop by Lurvey where we have all the materials you need to create a beautiful winter container.