Now is the time to change up your outdoor living space. And a great way to do that is to add decorative pebbles and aggregate features. They bring a natural feel and can be utilized in a variety of ways. Here are some suggestions on how to incorporate stone into your outdoor living space.

Dec Pebbles Stepstones

Between Stepping Stones

Use decorative pebbles or aggregates between stepping stones to add a more natural, cohesive feel. It will keep the lawn from excess wear and tear.

Along Fences and Beds, Instead of Plants or Mulch

Adding decorative pebbles or aggregates along fences or garden beds takes up space in your yard so it doesn’t look too bare, but stones are easier to maintain yearound than plants.

Dec Pebbles Garden

Make a Design in Your Garden Bed

Using decorative pebbles or aggregates can add a new, refreshing touch to your garden bed this season. You can make dry creek beds that are functional, and also can accept water during rainy times and are gorgeous during dry weather.

Whatever you decide, make sure to use landscape fabric under the stones, so they don’t get worked into the soil, but you’re still able to keep it clean.

Dec Pebbles Table

At Lurvey Home & Garden Center, we carry everything from Pea gravel to Bluestone chips. Check out the options we stock for aggregates and decorative pebbles here. There isn’t a better time to add a new decorative pebble or aggregate feature to your outdoor living space.