Giving Back

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Giving back is just one of the ways that Lurvey gives more.

Lurvey is committed to being a positive addition to the communities where we reside and that includes collaborating with the establishments and communities around us. We partner with other businesses and organizations to help make a positive impact, right where we are. We provide products and services that seek to make a cleaner environment and stronger communities. 

Come Alive Outside with Lurvey

When you think back to your childhood what do you remember? Is it that one Saturday when you sat in the living room and watched reruns all day? Or, is it something that happened outside? Maybe the first time you caught a fish? What about that time when you came home so muddy that your mom had to spray you off with the hose before she even let you into the garage? Remember that tree you used to sit under? How about that one snowman that didn’t melt for two whole months? Think of all the fun you used to have in the neighbor’s back yard…