Courtstreet Waterstruck Clay Brick Pavers

In addition to an uncommon and rugged handsomeness, the physical properties of waterstruck brick are almost never matched by other brick types and certainly never surpassed. The irregularity of bricks that appear 200 years old the day they are produced is a throwback to the days when most products were truly "manufactured" or "made by hand." This combination of unique beauty and near indestructivity defines the fabric of daily life in the Northeast. People rarely hear of waterstruck brick but it serves them anonymously and with dignity every day.

Waterstruck brick is the real thing. It is absolutely authentic rather than a simulation of the past. Less and less waterstruck brick has been made over the second half of the century. It seems very fitting that Vermont would be the state to lend itself to the renaissance of a beautiful, tough, and fundamentally honest product.

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