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Are certain products in themselves sustainable, or is it that our product choices need to be installed in the correct space and under the right conditions? Maybe it is using less? Applying less? Being aware of how what we are doing is affecting those around us and those after us. Is it the product or the practice that makes our projects responsible? We believe that a combination of finding the balance of using the right products in the right spaces and the need to responsibly execute those projects is a great starting point.

From self-feeding turf grass and native plugs, to recycled clay and granite pavers, to permeable pavers, and now LED lighting, we will continue to find sustainable products and source them from responsible suppliers. Products that are on the forefront of sustainable options for your next environmentally responsible project are highlighted below.

Organic Fertilizers

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Lurvey Super Slow-release Granular Plant Food
 14-14-10, 4 lb/10 lb bags


Specially formulated 4-month slow-release granular organic-based plant fertilizer for use on perennials, annual containers, trees and shrubs.


Bonide Root & Grow Root Stimulator – Liquid
 4-10-3, 1 gal


A favorite of many professional contractors. Stimulates early root formation, and stronger root development. Helps plants become established quickly.


Espoma Bio-tone Starter Plus w/mycorrhizae
 4-3-3, 25 lb bag


Considered by many as the very best organic transplanting and starter fertilizer on the market. Contains beneficial microbes, humates, and mycorrhizae, a beneficial root fungus. For use when transplanting trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, new lawns and containers. Non-burning and low in salts.


Espoma Holly-Tone
 4-3-4, 4 lb/20lb bag


Formulated for acid loving plants, hollies, dogwoods, boxwood, hydrangeas, rhododendrons and evergreens.  Non burning, low in salts. Safe for people, pets and the environment.


Espoma Tree-Tone
 6-3-2, 4 lb/20lb bag


Formulated for use on fruit, shade and ornamental trees. Natural organics, now with bio-tone® microbes, break down slowly for steady continuous feeding and a healthy soil ecosystem. Non burning, low in salts. Safe for people, pets and the environment.


Espoma Bulb-Tone
 3-5-3, 4 lb/20lb bag

For use on tulips, daffodils, crocus, hyacinths and many more bulbs. Rich in bone meal, an organic phosphorous source. Good for bulb energy storage, vibrant flowers and quick, healthy root systems.


Espoma Garden-Tone
 3-4-4, 4 lb/20lb bag


This product provides safe, continuous feeding for all vegetables. Natural organics, now with bio-tone® microbes, break down slowly for steady continuous feeding and a healthy soil ecosystem. Non burning, low in salts.


Espoma Flower-Tone
 3-4-5, 4 lb bag


Formulated for annuals and perennials. Low in nitrogen and rich in phosphorous and potassium. Promotes and prolongs abundant blooms. Non burning, low in salts.


Espoma Tomato-Tone
 3-4-6, 4 lb bag


Specifically designed to produce plump and juicy tomatoes. Contains less nitrogen and 5% calcium to reduce blossom end rot problems.


Espoma Rose-Tone
 4-3-2, 4 lb bag


Preferred by Rosarians to grow prize winning roses. Natural organics, now with bio-tone® microbes, break down slowly for steady continuous feeding and a healthy soil ecosystem.  Non burning, low in salts.


Espoma Bone Meal
 4-12-0, 4.5 lb bag


Bone meal is a 100% organic source of phosphorous and nitrogen. It helps develop strong root systems and profuse flower blooms. Excellent for use on bulbs, perennials, trees and shrubs.


Espoma Dried Blood
 12-0-0, 4 lb bag


A 100% organic source of nitrogen used to promote rapid growth and a deep dark green color. For use on trees, shrubs, vegetables and flowers.


Espoma Triple Phosphate
 0-46-0, 5 lb bag


An enriched source of phosphorus for all plants. Helps stimulate early root development and aids in flower and fruit formation.


 4 Oz


SUPERthrive™ Add to fertilizer for growth! Unique normalizing vitamins - hormones (50). SUPERthrive™ World Champion activator, reviver, transplanter and grower.


Neptune’s Harvest
 1 Qt


This hydrolyzed fish fertilizer rebuilds soil, gives excellent plant growth with increased yields, and is made from a renewable aquatic resource.

Organic Curatives

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Organic Curatives – Pest Control

Organic insecticides are natural carbon based insecticides that are not produced synthetically. Most are derived from natural materials and are less toxic.

 Bonide All Seasons Spray Oil
 (Petroleum Oil)

Horticultural or dormant oil works by smothering and suffocating the overwintering eggs
 of spider mites, scale insects, aphids and aldegids. Best applied in late winter before leaves comes out.

Bonide Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew

 Spinosad is a naturally occurring soil bacteria found in an abandoned rum distillery in 1982.
  It controls chewing insects by disrupting their nervous systems. Use on caterpillars, cutworms, leafrollers, and beetles.

Bonide Bon-Neem Insecticidal Soap
 (Potassium Salts-Fatty Acids)
An organic product made from Indian Neem Tree seeds. Can be used indoor or outdoor to control aphids, mites, whiteflies, and mealybugs. Also has some anti-fungal properties.

Espoma Earth-tone Slug + Snail Control
 (Iron Phosphate)
 Controls snails and slugs by stopping them from eating. Safe for use with pets and wildlife. Naturally found in soil.

Espoma Earth-tone Insect Control
 (Pyrethrin + Canola Oil)

For indoor and outdoor use. Controls aphids, Japanese Beetles, fungus gnats, scale, spider mites and sawfly larvae.

Concern Diatomaceous Earth Crawling Insect Killer

Can be used indoor and outdoor to control ants, cockroaches, fleas, and earwigs. Insects cannot become resistant to this product.

 Milky Spore Disease
 (Bacillus popillae)

Milky spore is a naturally occurring bacteria used to control Japanese beetles. Apply spring, summer and fall for 2 consecutive years.

Organic Curatives – Disease Control

Organic fungicides are natural carbon based fungicides that are not produced synthetically. Most are derived from natural materials and are usually less toxic.

Bonide Sulfur Plant Fungicide

Can be applied as a dust or mixed with water and sprayed. Controls rust, leaf spots, and
 powdery mildew on trees, shrubs, fruits, and vegetables.

 Bonide Copper Fungicide
 (Copper Sulphate)

Can be applied as a dust or mixed with water and sprayed. Controls apple scab, leaf spots,
 and mildews on potatoes, tomatoes, shrubs, and trees.

Organic Curatives – Weed Control

 Espoma Earth-tone 4 in 1 weed Control
 (Ammoniated Soap of Fatty Acids and Maleic hydrazide)

A non-selective herbicide that controls weeds, grass, moss and algae in and around
 sidewalks, fences, driveways and garden beds. Areas can be reseeded after 5 days.

 Natria by Bayer

Natural selective lawn weed killer. Kills weeds, not lawns. Works quickly, derived
 from iron, even works in cool weather and can be used on new lawns 1 week after
 grass emergence.

 St. Gabriel’s Burnout II

Control kills almost all weeds. For non-selective control of herbaceous broadleaf and
 grass weeds. Made from food grade ingredients.


Organic Lawn Fertilizers & Soil Amendments

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Organic Lawn Fertilizers



Espoma Organic Weed
 Preventer plus Lawn Food


 25lb bag


Made from all natural corn gluten meal. Feeds the lawn and prevents weed seeds from
 germinating. Safe for the family and pets. Apply early spring and fall. Covers 1,250 sq. ft.


Espoma Organic Lawn Food

 30 lbs 

All natural organic fertilizer that can be applied anytime, every two months. Safe for the family and pets. Covers 2,500 sq. ft.


Ringers Lawn Restore




All natural organic fertilizer that can be applied anytime, every two months. Safe for the family and pets. Covers 2,500sq.ft.


Milorganite Classic
 6-2-0 4%Fe

 36 lbs

 An economical organic fertilizer, with 4% iron for quick green up. Apply every 4-6 weeks during growing season. Covers 2,500 sq. ft.



Organic Soil Amendments


Organic Top Soil 40lb  

A balanced loamy soil, for use outdoors in garden beds, behind retaining walls
 and low spots in lawns.

Mushroom Compost 1.5 cu ft  

Composed of straw, spent mushrooms, peat moss and manure. Incorporate
 into clay soils, when planting, to improve soil structure and add nutrients.

One-Step Soil Conditioner 1.5 cu ft  

Composed of pine bark compost, hardwood compost, mycorrhizae, gypsum and 


organic fertilizer. Adds nutrients, and improves clay soils.

Cotton Burr Compost 2 cu ft

Made from short staple cotton, cotton burrs have a high nutrient content. Ph neutral.
  Incorporate into soil when planting  for healthier plants.

Bio-Tone Starter Plus 2/Mycorrhizae 25lb  

A transplanting amendment, containing beneficial soil microbes and
 mycorrhizae, a beneficial fungus for plant roots. Add when planting
 to avoid transplant loss and shock.

Sphagnum Peat Moss 3.8 cu ft  

Found in peat bogs, peat moss holds water and adds air space to soil.
 Great for acid loving plants.

 Baccto Potting Soil 40 qt  

Contains peat moss, perlite and slow release fertilizer. Use when  
 planting in containers as well as starting seedlings and for rooted cuttings.

Cotton Burr Compost 2 cu ft

Incorporating COTTON BURR COMPOST into the soil, regardless of soil
 conditions, can quickly rejuvenate soils that are low in organic matter.
 COTTON BURR COMPOST is an excellent soil amendment and mulch
 for your landscape and garden.

 Earth Worm Castings 16 oz 

Castings are mother nature's purest, safest, organic & natural fertilizer for
 use in house plants, gardens and commercial planting.



Water Conservation & Drainage

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Water Conservation


Rain Barrels


 54, 65 gal


Stores rain water for use later.  Heavy gauge plastic holds 54 or 65 gallons of rain water.  
 Includes spigot and downspout hook-up.


 RainXchange™ System


The Aquascape RainXchange™ System is a revolutionary design that combines a
 recirculating decorative water feature with a sub-surface rainwater harvest storage system.  
 The RainXchange™ filters the stored water to prevent stagnation and growth of
 unhealthy bacteria and reveals only a beautiful water feature that integrates easily into
 existing landscapes.


Soaker Hoses

 3', 50'

Slow Release Tree Watering Ring and 50 ft. soaker hose for garden beds.


Tree Gator Bags


14, 20 gal


Slow release watering bags for trees and shrubs.


Mister Landscaper


 Everything you need to water up to 275 square feet of landscape, gardens, shrubs, trees,
 vegetables, and more is found in this all in one Kit.


Patio Watering Kits



This Drip Irrigation Kit is a great alternative to hand watering your potted plants.
 Adjustable Dripper Stakes will drip water for eight potted plants and installs in 6 easy steps!


Self Watering Pots


Features a self-watering system that, in an indoor environment, refeeds water to the plant via its roots.
 The system has a bottom reservoir in which water accumulates and allows the plant to grab
 refreshment when needed. Durable and strong in all environments.


A full assortment of drainage products is available to aid in storm water management.


LED Lighting

Lower Energy Costs (90% savings)
 Lower Transformer Requirements
 Less Power Requirements
 Fewer lamp replacements

Landscape and underwater lights available.

Roof Garden Construction Supplies & Plants

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Rooftop – Bison Deck Supports

Adjustable Bison Deck Supports elevate concrete pavers, wood tiles, composite materials, industrial grating, conventional wood truss systems or natural stone over roof and plaza decks, on-grade, in water features - over any structural surface! It's the perfect solution for a deck to enjoy your green roof or rooftop garden.

The Bison family of pedestals have a broad footprint that provides stability, they are impervious to freeze-thaw cycles and offer a range of heights suited to almost any application. Precise spacer tabs allow for deck drainage, simple accessories adjust for slope, and the patented, screw-to-adjust height setting assures a perfectly straight, perfectly level deck. Suitable for wood tiles, natural stone, concrete pavers, and multiple other floorings.

Turf & Sod

Lurvey Select® Salt-Tolerant Sod

IDOT specified seed blend of turf produced on a silt clay loam soil. Will perform well in low maintenance installations.  Will tolerate more shade than bluegrass turf blends.  Harvested with a soil depth of 5/8" ± 1/4" with 2-1/2" leaf blade length.  Ideal for areas bordering parking lots, highways, roadways, between curb and sidewalks.


Reclaimed Pavers

 Plain Clay Pavers
 Purington Clay Pavers
 Purington Clay Red Splits
 Purington Brown Splits
 Metropolitan Clay Pavers
 Barr Clay Pavers

Permeable Pavers

Permeable paving, is different than pervious paving or porous pavement in that rainwater passes around the paver as opposed to passing through the paver. Concrete and clay pavers available.

Turfstone / Dura-Mat

The design of these pavers allows rainwater to be filtered back into the soil naturally and gradually while allowing greenery to grow through it.

Kafka Granite

 Architectural aggregates, decomposed granite, other quarried products. Permeable Paver Grit Applications, Epoxy Overlay Applications, StaLok Material.


The use of native and tolerant plants provides solutions for many situations. These plant communities work together and will help lower maintenance costs, attract wildlife, filter stormwater, tolerate dry and wet conditions and reduce erosion.

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