This Rock Panel is a rugged and rustic blend of browns, smokey grays, deep reds and rust colored accents, with occasional pale yellows, greens, and oranges. Our Ochre Blend color is the perfect combination of color and versatility. Encompassing a broad range of neutral colors, along with popular accents, Ochre Blend will be either the perfect complement or the center of attention in whatever application it is used. From a classic roaring fireplace in a Vermont ski lodge to the back drop of a Miami sushi bar, Ochre Blend’s versatility makes it our most popular and best selling color.

Type of Stone:

Quartzitic Sandstone

Common Origin:



Full Veneer: N/A

Thin Veneer: 3/4"-1-3/4" x 6" x 24"

Typically Stocked at Lurvey?:

Full Veneer:  N/A

Thin Veneer:  No

Average Re-Order Time?:

1-2 weeks

Sold By:

Flats:  Per Piece (1 Piece = 1 square foot)

Corners: Per Piece (2 Pieces = 1 linear foot)

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