Granite Boulders

Wisconsin Granite Boulders are smooth, rounded, glacially deposited multi-colored and are available in several sizes. Often referred to as glacier boulders, rainbow rocks, or field stone boulders, they are used in landscaping for boulder retaining walls, man made waterfalls, water features, shoreline rip rap, and as accent pieces.

Type of Stone:


Common Origin:


Stock Item?:


Average Re-Order Time?:

1-2 weeks


4"-8", 12"-18", 18"-24", 24"-36"


4"-8"; approx 35 face ft/ton

12"-18"; approx 20 face ft/ton

18"-24";  approx 12 face ft/ton

24"-36";  approx 5 face ft/ton

180 lbs per Cubic ft

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