Over the past decade, Lurvey Landscape Supply has established itself as Chicagolands premier destination for koi enthusiasts. We have hundreds of fish on hand at all times from which to choose and new shipments sometimes weekly from Blue Ridge, Blackwater Creek, and Kloubec Koi, three of the nation’s most respected award winning breeders. Yet it’s not just the volume of our selection that sets us apart, but our strict quality standards. You won’t find any Pond grade (A) koi in our tanks, only Select (AA) and Elite (AAA) grade make the cut here. Also, because each shipment is quarantined and screened for KHV/SVC prior to their arrival, biopsied and treated when we receive them, and then inspected before they leave our store for your home, we back all our koi with a 30 day guarantee.

However, it’s ok if you’re just looking to add a little character to you water garden and koi aren’t really your thing. We offer trapdoor snails, leopard and bullfrog tadpoles, as well as Albino Catfish and a great selection of decorative goldfish that include Comets, Sarasas, Shubunkins, Fantails, and Watkins. So whether you’re a casual owner, serious collector, or somewhere in between, you’re sure to be pleased with the selection, quality, and health of our fish.

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