At Lurvey Landscape Supply we have a large selection of filters for any application. From Matala’s versatile EZ Bio pre-filters, and Laguna’s biomechanical Pressure-Flo filters with integrated UV clarifiers, to our featured lineup of Signature Series skimmers and biofalls from Aquascape, the originator of the Ecosystem Pond. If you’re losing the battle with green algae, take control with Laguna’s PowerClear Max UV clarifiers, backed by a Green Water Elimination Guarantee, or Aquascape’s revolutionary new IonGen system. But filters do require maintenance, so we also offer Matala and Poly-Flow filter media in bulk or pre-cut to the most popular sizes, as well as AquaMats, BioBalls, lava rock, skimmer nets, media bags, UV bulbs, and anything else you’ll need to keep your filters working at their peak.

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