Edging & Spikes

Bed Dividers

Poly Bed Divider 20'x4" Includes 4 stakes; connectors available
Curv-Rite Aluminum Bed Divider 8'x4" Includes 3 stakes; available as mill, green, black;

each or bundle of 4 (112') with 42 stakes
Border-Line Steel Bed Divider  16'x4"x1/8" Includes 6 stakes; connectors available; green

Paver Restraints

All paver restraints require 3/8” spikes, at a recommended spacing of at least one per foot.

 Oly-Ola Bric-Edge II Plastic Paver Restraint 15' Each or bundle of 12 (180')
 Oly-Ola Low-Profile Plastic Paver Restraint 15'x1" Each or bundle of 12 (180')
 Snap-Edge Paver Restraint 8' Each or bundle of 24 (192')
 Curv-Rite  Aluminum Paver Restraint 8' Each of bundle of 30 (240')
 BEAST/Diamond Paver Restraint 8' Each or bundle of 10 (80')

3/8" Spikes

 3/8" Steel Spikes 10"/12" 50# box or pallet of 48 boxes

Edgetite logo

Edge-tite Spikes

10" spikes with a slight bend that pushes edging towards the pavers.

Edgetite Fasteners


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