Eden/Chilton Web

Bedfaced, irregular shaped pieces make up Webstone’s natural mosaic. .   Blending stone from two quarries allows for a greater range of color and texture.   Chilton and Eden Web are combined to dilute the intensity of Chiton’s bold palette with a variety of neutral gray tones.

Type of Stone:

Dolomitic Limestone

Common Origin:



Full Veneer: 3"-5" thick x random diameters

Thin Veneer: 3/4"-1-1/4" thick x random diameters

Typically Stocked at Lurvey?:

Full Veneer:  Yes

Thin Veneer:  No

Average Re-Order Time?:

1-2 weeks


Full Veneer: approximately 38 sf per ton

Sold By:

Full Veneer:  Weight

Thin Veneer: Square Foot (flats) & Linear Foot (corners)

Blend Eden Chilton Web

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