Disease Control

Systemic Fungicides 

 Fungicides that are absorbed into the plant tissues and translocated throughout the entire plant. Repels or kills fungus that infect plant materials.


Bonide Infuse Systemic Fungicide

Systemic liquid fungicide for turf and ornamentals. Apply directly to foilage. Controls powdery mildew,
 rust, dollar spot, apple scab, and more.


Bonide Infuse Systemic Granules

Systemic granular fungicide for use on lawns and ornamentals. Apply through a spreader directly on soil.
 Controls snow mold, brown patch, fusarium and botyrtis blight and many others.


Contact Fungicide 

A fungicide that must directly contact the fungus to be effective. Will not be absorbed into the plant or the plant tissues.

Combination Fungicides & Insecticides

 A product that contains both an insecticide and a fungicide.


Bonide Fruit Tree Spray
 (Captan, Malathion and Carbaryl)


A complete fruit tree spray for disease and insects. Controls japanese beetle, mites, aphids, scale, leaf spots, mildews and fruit rot.


Espoma Earth-tone 3n1 Disease Control
 (Sulfur and Pyrethrins)

An organic alternative for disease and insect control. For use on roses, flowers, trees, shrubs,
 fruits and houseplants. Controls aphids, mites, whiteflies, leaf spot, mildew, rust, and scab.


Organic Fungicides

Organic fungicides are natural carbon based fungicides that are not produced synthetically. Most are derived from natural materials and are usually less toxic.


Bonide Sulfur Plant Fungicide

Can be applied as a dust or mixed with water and sprayed. Controls rust, leaf spots, and
 powdery mildew on trees, shrubs, fruits, and vegetables.


Bonide Copper Fungicide
 (Copper Sulphate)


Can be applied as a dust or mixed with water and sprayed. Controls apple scab, leaf spots,
 and mildews on potatoes, tomatoes, shrubs, and trees.

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