Be Safer with Ice Melters

With temperatures starting to drop, icy precipitation will not be far behind.  It’s important to get prepared to keep your steps, sidewalks, driveways, roadways, and parking lots safer and ice-free.  At Lurvey we have a variety of ice melter options to meet your needs regardless if you are trying to de-ice your home or large business parking lot.  We can help if you’re dealing with higher temperatures or subzero temperatures.  Let’s take a look at a few of the options we have:

Treated Rock Salt          

  • most frequently used, inexpensive de-icer available
  • Fortified with anti-caking agents
  • 50 lb bags packaged for inside or outside storage
  • 50 lb bags available white or blue color 
  • 49 bags per pallet/ 882 bags per truck
  • Screened to provide uniform sizing
  • Melts to 5 degrees F

Bagged/ Bulk:

Calcium Chloride               

  • Peladow – The Premier Snow and Ice Melter
  • INSTANTLY generates heat on contact with ice/snow
  • Attracts moisture from atmosphere to form brine solution
  • Round shape aids in ice penetration
  • 50 lb bags/ 56 bags per pallet/ 896 bags per truc
  • Effective to -25 degrees F

Pro Slicer Hybrid                

  • Mega Melt purple deicer with residual effect
  • Pre-wet deicer is long-lasting which means less reapplication
  • Vivid color easy to see and spread and will not track
  • 50 lb bags / 49 bags per pallet/ 882 bags per truck
  • Effective to -20 degrees F

How do Ice Melters Work?

In order for an ice melter to begin to working, solid granule material must dissolve in water to create a liquid brine.  When the ground temperature gets too cold, some ice melters are unable to make this essential conversion.  The air temperature is not nearly as important as the temperature of the ground – this is the temperature that has a direct effect on the ice melter’s ability to convert to brine, and effectively dealing with snow and ice.  Some melters, like Sodium Chloride (rock salt), are effective at higher temperatures while products like Calcium Chloride and Pro-Slicer are formulated to function on the subzero degree range.

Consider the ground temperature, not the air temperature.  What does it mean when the weather report is 10 degrees F at sunrise and my ice melter has an effective temperature of 0 degrees F?  Will the ice melter work?  What if this morning is the first day in ten where the temperature is actually warmer than five below?  Ground Temperature is crucial.

Another way to maximize effectiveness is to apply ice melt materials in advance of an anticipated winter weather event, rather than applying after snow has already fallen.  The primary goal of ice melting products is to prevent the adhesion of snow and ice to pavement surfaces, and this task is significantly simplified if the ice melter can immediately react to falling snow.

Come check out all we have to offer or if you simply have questions about what would work best for you.  We always look forward to seeing you Around the Garden Center!

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