Basalt Ebony

Dark and mysterious, Ebony Basalt is a very dark gray, bordering on black color that makes a statement in both hue and finish.  Ebony Basalt tiles are a bold move in both color and stone selection, pairing the nearly black shade of ebony with the unique cut and finish of basalt, a stone quarried from fields of cooled lava. Creating a stunning contrast against a white backdrop, Ebony can be used effectively wherever a bold statement is required.

Type of Stone:


Common Origin:



Full Veneer: N/A

Thin Veneer: +/-1/2" x 15" x 17"

Typically Stocked at Lurvey?:

Full Veneer:  N/A

Thin Veneer:  No

Average Re-Order Time?:

1-2 weeks

Sold By:

Flats:  Per Piece (1 Piece = 1.3 square feet)

Corners: N/A

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