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  • How to Refresh the Surfaces in Your Outdoor Living Space: Cleaners and Sealers

    Does your patio or walkway need a refresher? Applying a cleaner and/or sealer to your patio or pathway will give it a decorative, as well as a practical update. Here are a few tips on how to decide what product is best for you and your outdoor living space. CleanersCleaners are specially formulated to remove many common blemishes from numerous surfaces...

  • 3 Challenges to Look Out for in Your Garden When the Weather is Wet

    We all know that too much rain mixed with humidity and the late summer heat presents various challenges in your garden that you need to look out for: fungal disease, weeds, and pests. Fungal DiseasesWet conditions make a perfect environment for fungus to grow in your garden, along with crowded plants. Black spot and powdery mildew are the most common fungal diseases that can affect your garden. 

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