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Thinking back to your childhood, what do you remember? CAO is a reminder of what makes our lives healthy and our memories special.

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Find the ideal plants for your garden and landscape projects by searching our selection of trees, shrubs, evergreens, groundcovers, roses, vines and perennials!

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Watch Us Grow

We are excited to announce that we are building a new Garden Center that will open in Spring 2016!  Follow our progress here.

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  • Shrubs Can Provide Color All Summer

    Shrubs and trees provide color in the garden in the summer season.   One of the most popular is the Hydrangea, which offers ball-shaped, panicle, and even lacecap flowers depending on what variety you select. Many Hydrangea flower heads dry well and can be preserved.

  • All About Pollinators!

     In this month’s installment of Around the Garden Center, we want to talk about “pollinators” and how you can create an inviting environment for them.  They are an integral part of our ecosystem and help keep the color in your outdoor space.Did you know that pollinating insects prefer different colors and types of blossoms? It's true, and the relationship between pollinators and flowers has influenced both the evolution of insects and the evolution of flowers. Here are some tips on "wh...

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